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The command-1

The command-1
  The readers would have observed that 4 Engineer Regt and even the location Tenga is not new to Ganesan.So he started his work as a routine.Though the Regimental location was Tenga as affliated Engineer Regt of 5 Mountatain Division one FdCoy was at Sela and another Fd Coy at Tawang.So Ganesan was moving up and down frequently.
Adiscplinery case happened in the unit few days before Ganesan joining.One jawan on his way along with a team to operational location (altitude-4770 metre) dis appeared and the court of enquiry headed by a Brigadier declared him as a Deserter and the closed file came to  Ganesan for taking action.Ganesan called for details.The Fd coy moved to Point 4770 for Defence works about a month before.As there is no road to this point it was 2 days marching from road head.There was a resting place midway for night halt.complete movement including stores is by foot and mules.Wprking parties to to the site and leave party from the site used to go now and then.
  once a party of 5 jawans started from Tenga for the Pt 4770.They went upto a place near Jang by vehicle and from there started climbing the hill.A sapper by name Murugan was weak and was lagging behind.The team were to carry their own bedding,7.62 SLR rifle andpacked food for a day.By the evening they were near the staging camp and coy rep came to meet them.since Murugan was lagging behind the coy rep was told to go down and help Murugan.The coy rep went down some distance and returned to the staging camp as he could not see Murugan.The team and coy rep came down searching for Murugan again and it was getting dark.They reported the mater to company commander and in turn to Brigade HQ.Next day the whole Bde (3000 personnel) searched for Murugan and not a trece was found.The Div ordered a court of enquiry and C of I declared Murugan as deserter. Th file came to Ganesan for tracing out Murugan and recover Govt properties like Rifle etc
Ganesan started to go into the case in greater details.

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