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                                                  Exposure to National Mission

            All officers short listed were lined up in Engineer in Chief office ,Delhi.The staff officer went inside and briefed the E in C.He was surprised to see the name of Ganesan.The staff officer explained that it was the same officer ,commanding 4 E R and who gave reply that he was doing no training.
             The E in  C smiled and told to call Ganesan and disburse other officers.Ganesan went inside and saluted E in C.Gen Rai had all the praise for Ganesan for his uprightness and blunt approach and declared that he would be the wintering Leader of INDIAN RESEARCH STATION.He assured Ganesan all the support and told him to contact him direct in case of any difficulty.Ganesan thanked him and returned to Udhampur.
                   Letter from E in C branch followed.Ganesan would be Dy Leader of India's 7 th Antarctic Expedition and wintering station commander of Dakshin gangotri ,India's Antarctic Resaerch station for the period 1987-89.
                   The letter came in May 1987 and Ganesan would be leaving the country in Nov 1987.He had about six months time to prepare himself for the Expedition ,settle  his family and children in a selected place  and hand over the Regiment.
             It was highly exiting period to move arround and get things done.He will move from Udhampur to Delhi,attend conference,move to Bangalore inspect Dozers that are being purchased from Bharath Earth movers,move to Chennai,check accomodation and schooling and then move to College of Military Engineering,Pune inspect the winter team that is being selected and trained and finally move back to Udhampur.
            Ganesan was approved for next rank as Colonel ,but his turn has not come yet.Only Colonel rank officers are entitled to travel by Air on Ty Duty.On his explaining the impotance of the mission Ganesan was promoted out of turn fecilitating him to travel by Air.
                Things moved smoothly.He was allotted 1/3 Defence quarters,Nandhanam,Chennai,a seperated Family quarters and his children were admitted in KV,CLRI,Chennai.
                       The Army Commander, Northern Command Udhampur invited him for Tea.Ganesan bid farewell to 4 Engineer Regiment on 07 Nov 1987 exactly 3 years after taking over.There is no chance of his coming back to the Regiment again as he became the first colonel to Command 4 ER in the rank of Colonel.
                  He was given "Farewell Not Good bye "party in the Regiment.In that a wonderfull song composed by Ganesan himself was sung.
                      "அவனின் பிரிவு முடிவல்ல,மீண்டும் தொடரா உறவல்ல" was 
 an important message which prooved about the cosmic Blessings to Ganesan.which can be seen in subsquent writings.
                  Ganesan left on Antarctic mission on 26 Nov 1987.

                                 A new chapter in his life opened......

                                                                                                        To be contd.......

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The command....3
4,The command ....contd
           Ganesan while continuing his commanad of 4 Engineer Regiment in 5 Mountain Division the new G O C Maj.Gen JM Singh took over.
      Gen J M Singh was one out of 14 officers who were asked to either resign or face court martial for illegal relationship with brother officer's wifes by the then COAS Gen Rodriguess.He was very ugly looking  and was stayin single in Tenga.
                 During his tennure he got admitted two officers in MH  as psychiatric case and ruined these officers wifes.
         Ganesan had a tough time to protect himself and his offcers from this rogue.Luckily the unit move order to Udhampur came.But for some reason the move kept on delaying.Ganesan wrote a DO letter to the COAS Gen Sunderjee asking for exact date of move.
            Sunderjee was another tough officer.He not only informed Ganesan about the move but also detailed  officers to make sure the Regiment moved without any rear party.
             Regiment came to Uhampur under complex command.For administration it was under 71 Sub Area and for operation under 16 Corps.In addition it was Northern command Reserve.Here agaain Ganesan had two different officers iniating his ACR.
            Initailly it was Maj Gen Khurana and later Gen Basant  Mallick
     During this time the COAS wanted to present  to the prime Minister the Deep thrust policy by great Armour Blitz criege.For this Great arrangements were made in Delhi and 4 E R  was asked to prepare for Northern Command.
    Because of heavy mobilisation in western border and Rajasthan Pakisthan got gittery and moved all her troops to border.Almost war like situation came .4 ER moved into Operational role and came to Samba border.All border road bridges were to be prepared for demolitions.Heavy mine fields were laid in other sectors.
                How ever the situation got eased down  and troops withdrew to peace time locations.
April-May 1987.
           During this time the E-IN -C Lt Gen P S Rai came for a visit to the Regiment.After normal round he came to office and was having tea.At that time he asked Ganesan what training is going on.Udhampur was not a suitable area to organaise Regimental training cycles.But annual training is a must .So every year the reiment closes all establishments at Udhampur and move to Akhnoor .B TC and F E Camps are organised for about three months and they return to Udhampur.
                  When E-IN C  asked Ganesan what training is going on Ganesan without any hesitations told that he is doing no training.Gen Rai was shocked to receive such reply,but Ganesan continued and explained as above and stated to take on any Engineer task  which Gen Rai desires.
              Gen Rai smiled and started walking out.All the officers felt very bad and shouted at Ganesan for being blunt.Ganesan replied that not even two grains of sand are of the same type in the entire universe and so he is proud to be himself and having no interest to wear some other cap.
                   Time has passed and  Ganesan was completing his command tennure.At that time Army HQ has called for volunteers to be Leader and station commander of Indian ANTACTIC STATION DAKHINGANGOTRI .This will be one and half year tennure at the bottom of the world and under world's worst weather conditions.
                      Ganesan volunteered.About 12 officers were short listed and were called for interview at AHQ  E -IN C Branch.
               There Ganesan found Gen P S Rai sitting as E- IN C .



Tuesday, August 16, 2016

4.The command.

                        Readers may be aware that a Division in the Indian Army is the first self sustaining all arms composit unit.That means it will have elements of all arms and services and is capable of taking an assignment independently as situation demands.
                     So serving in a Division in any capacity is a prestegious thing for Army officers.4  Engineer Regiment was the Divisional Engineer Regiment of 5 Mountain Division which was given the responsibility of guarding the Kemeng sector of Arunachal pradesh-Tibet border.
                        The General officer who are selected to command a Division is generally a high flying officer and aspires to become the Chief of Army Staff.He expects that all sub unit commanders in his Division  are also of high caliber officers.
                         Under these circumstances Ganesan had established that he is not a "yes master" and takes care of his men under his command very seriously.
               Tenga valley where the HQ was located on the banks of "Tenga chu" often gets flash flood  and some times it is so severe that even bridges gets washed away.In such cases the bridge is written off and new bridge is constructed.So all along the river one can see plenty of steel girders and other materials.
                Ganesan had ordered his troops to collect usefull such items and construt foot bridge for the benifit of local civilians.When one such foot bridge was constructed Ganesan went to the G O C and requested him to inaugurate the Bridge.
                    The G O C said"Ganesan ,I dont like buttering.Please get the bridge opened by one of your men"
                        Ganesan was shocked as the G O C misunderstood his intention,
                 Without any hesitation he replied,
                                    Sir.I am a non psc (passed staff college) officer who has come to command a Div Engineer Regiment. This out of shear merit and not due to buttering.This you may come to know as time passes.Sorry for disturbing you.
                       Ganesan saluted and walked away.He served under that G O C for about a year and not even once he had  gone to G O C for any such courtesy calls.

                   More to come.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The command-3

The command-3
Ganesan started local enquiries about missing personnel in that areas.ITBP(Indo-Tibetian Border Police) and local people revealed different stories.whan a person is physically exhausted especially in high altitude areas he reaches a state of hallucination(illusion)and in that state he will be in  state of transe and walks freely without any perception of danger and may fall thousands of feet down.A normal person will not go to such an edge in search of him.ITBP people confirmed such loss of persons.
   In the mean time Ganesan callled the family members of that missing person and did further enquiries.with all these feedback Ganesan decided that
declaring him as deserter will not be correct.He should be declared as "Missing".since the case was closed earlier Ganesan wrote an application to Adjutant General  of the Indian Army stating all the facts.The difference between desertion and missing are like this;Desertion is an offence and the unit has to search for him.All the family allotment of the jawan will be stopped immediately.The desertion was only a presumption and not a confirmed fact.compared to this missing is like an accident and still the unit will keep searching for him;but the family allotment will not be stopped.For 10 years this process will continue and if the person is still not traced,he will be presumed to be dead.All the benifits of dead will go to the family.
so Ganesan sent an application through proper channel to Adjutant General at Army head quarters.It is needless to mention that up the channel no one supported the case as the Div commander already counter signed "derertion".About a month might have fine morning letter came from AHQ stating that "inthe light of commanding officer's explanation,the case be treated as missing and the findings of the court of enquiry be re written as MISSING.It was the first success step taken by Ganesan
More to continue....


Saturday, November 7, 2015

The command 2

The command-2
Command of  troops is a highly psycho analysis job keeping in picture your professional skill and the spirit of justice.If you have claimed the ladder just by pleasing senior officers you will certainly be  a white elephant to troops.In the present scenario of crises a jawan shooting an officer can not be ruled out.
    under such circumstances the file declaring a jawan deserter duly approved by higher authorities came to Ganesan.The unit has to trace the where about of him,recover govt property,the rifle and take discipilnery action.In the mean time his family allotment if any will be stopped.It was just first few weeks after taking over command.Ganesan called theJCO and NCO associated with the event and under stood the matter.When an event like this takes place in an area close to international border.the best option for senior officers would be do something and close the file.That is what happened.Ganesan never go through the line of least resistence.He will always take a tough path which others hesitate to take.
    The next dayGanesan decided to walk along the route through wich the team had gone.It was certainly tough and by the time Ganesan reached the spot where the jawan was last seen,his legs were trembling and paining very badly.He sat down there.I f this is the condition for a  tough officer like Ganesan,certainly it would have been worst for the jawan.
   Ganesan decided to see the case in different angle.
To be contd.....