Saturday, November 7, 2015

The command 2

The command-2
Command of  troops is a highly psycho analysis job keeping in picture your professional skill and the spirit of justice.If you have claimed the ladder just by pleasing senior officers you will certainly be  a white elephant to troops.In the present scenario of crises a jawan shooting an officer can not be ruled out.
    under such circumstances the file declaring a jawan deserter duly approved by higher authorities came to Ganesan.The unit has to trace the where about of him,recover govt property,the rifle and take discipilnery action.In the mean time his family allotment if any will be stopped.It was just first few weeks after taking over command.Ganesan called theJCO and NCO associated with the event and under stood the matter.When an event like this takes place in an area close to international border.the best option for senior officers would be do something and close the file.That is what happened.Ganesan never go through the line of least resistence.He will always take a tough path which others hesitate to take.
    The next dayGanesan decided to walk along the route through wich the team had gone.It was certainly tough and by the time Ganesan reached the spot where the jawan was last seen,his legs were trembling and paining very badly.He sat down there.I f this is the condition for a  tough officer like Ganesan,certainly it would have been worst for the jawan.
   Ganesan decided to see the case in different angle.
To be contd..... 

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