Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Command-1

The Command-1
The Command of troops in war and peace is very sacred duty in a military officer career.It cannot be compared with any type of jobs.How ever the end result of a command appointment is the feeling which your concience will give and not the award or reward which comes from spectators.Thousands of men's life and their future will be at your disposal.Utlisation of their will and skill for the safety honour and integrety of this country will be at your hand.Many commanding officers sold their Regiments,destroyed the future of few officers and men just to satisfy their ego or someone else ego.Many commanding officers functioned in such a way that the command appointment is a launching pad of their future irrespective of their capabilities.It all depends upon individuals.
As we all know Ganesan was not brought up to be an Army officer.He grew up to be a self motivated individual and highly patriotic.He remembers the story of Raja deisingh and Mohammed Khan in the battle with Arcot Nawab;Another story is like this; An young man goes for soldier's recruitment as the country was facing enemy threat.His young wife feels proud that her husband is going to fight for their country and bids him best of luck. after a day or two the man comes back with drooping head.His wife who was waiting with Arthi asks him what happened.The man says that he was absolutely fit to join and cleared from all tests.But he was asked one last question and that reply disqualified him.His wife was looking at him and asked him what was that question.
  The last question was.ARE  YOU MARRIED.He said yes and the examiners said that a married man cannot give whole heart and soul for the country as he would be thinking of his wife and children and hence rejected.
   On hearing this the more patriotic girl who was standing facing the man suddenly pulled the sword hanging in the waist of the man and killed herself and said,Now you go and tell them that you dont have wife and can give everything for the country
  well! That was the bringing of Ganesan.lET US SEE HIS COMMAND.

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