Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Promotion-3

The Promotion-3
  Ganesan was stunned to see the change of events.All over Delhi looting,murder and killing of sikh community people were let loose and there appears to be no law and order.But the Army can't keep watching and with in 3-4 days the situation came under control.The Army had arranged a special courrier flight AN-12 to Assam on 06 Nov.By that time the present CO 4 E R came to Delhi with 2 escorts as he was to attend a special course.He had handed over the Regiment to the 2nd in command.Since the train journey was totally disturbed he advised Ganesan to take the courrier flight and take back the escorts also.
So Ganesan made arrangements accordingly and left Delhi on 06 Nov and reached Gauhati in the evening.A team of reception party under the Sub.Major had come to the Air port to receive their new Commanding Officer.
On 07 November 1984 Ganesan took ove as the 9 th Commanding  Officerof 4 Engineer Regiment
  .The Regiment was at Tawang in an exercise and ofcourse all the places and activities are not new to Ganesan and took over like a fish jumping into deep water.
   Let Ous see the activities of the new Commandine Officer of 4E R.

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